Multi-Functional Paste Cleaner

Multi-Functional Paste Cleaner

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Product Description

  1. First product made using the same processes as used in the cosmetics production.
  2. Contains no abrasive agents so it will not scratch the surface of leather when cleaning.
  3. Harmless to skin.
  4. This is environmental product that contain silicone oil and natural plant extract.
  5. Suitable for all leathers related products such as leather sofa, leather office chair, and automotive interior. 

Product Characteristics

  1. If has antistatic properties which prevent dust stick to object such as leather sofa.
  2. It’s help to eliminated odour.
  3. It is mildew and dustproof.

How to use

  1. Apply this paste cleaner to the surface of sofa or which area that contain stain and wipe it with clean and dry cloth in circular movements by rubbing from outward to inward gently.
  2. Do not use this paste cleaner under direct sunlight or at high temperature area.